Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Gallery

Sometimes people send us photos of things they've made, using the knitting book, it's great to see how everyone's work is completely unique and beautiful.

To add to our gallery of knitted lovelies we are collecting photos of feline knitters too!

So, here we have:

The very lovely Sparkie puss

Sparkie with Gail, putting in some time to helping her with her knitting.

Here are some of Gail's cute creations

And here is Sparkie, just checking lables on some knitwear before tumbling!

Here is Bob, getting in touch with her creative side

And here is another member of Bob's family, Daisy

These are some warmly dressed cats all the way from the Shetland Islands. They are being jealously guarded by Kalida, who is Head of the Knitting Dept.

All the way from Italy, this is Catherine's cushion. She started with the knitting book pattern and then used her own ideas to make a different edge and knitted in the cute little heart. A very successful project, admired by all her family!

Here is Fernando, enjoying the company of one of our knitted Ginger cats, in his duffle coat. Fernando is Stephanie's cat and they live here in Portugal.

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Gorgeous George said...

I love your knitting book. I'd like a knitted mouse if Celia could only knit me one.
Gorgeous George