Monday, December 31, 2007

On the road again

This is the Monkey and Sofia site, dedicated to creating a new way of life. Sounds a bit idealistic? Like all that commercial stuff about green consumerism and new age lifestyles, buying opportunities which get us nowhere? This is very different. We are two people who stopped living a conventional life seven years ago, left England, and have been making our purpose to invent a simple way of life ever since. Until 3 weeks ago we were living in a tumbledown house in Portugal, with just the basics - no hot water, no phone, no tv, no fridge - concentrating instead on making beautiful things and publishing our ideas.

Now, in the interest of feeding our souls, we have travelled to British Columbia, a place of such amazing natural beauty our eyes couldn’t believe it! We are living temporarily on Texada Island, with a window full of ocean and cedar forest - seals, birds, black squirrels, eagles - and the snowy peaks of Vancouver Island across the Strait.

It’s a really awesome experience being surrounded by nature so much bigger and more powerful than us, it certainly puts us humans in perspective.

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Matyas said...

The Sounds good: in Portugalia without any modern shopisticated things, I think this is the best way for finding yourselves or your soul.

good luck Matyas