Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Christmas Presents

Christmas Catalogue (click here to see photos)
Every year, since 2004 when we invented Monkey and Sofia, we have produced a catalogue of gifts for Christmas.
We love to make things and our simple life allows us the time to spend on designing and inventing things then turning our ideas in to real knitted, sewn or constructed things.
It's great.
Each year we send out our catalogue, then everyone looks at the photos of all the lovely things.
Then the fun starts!
Emails fly back and forth as everyone contacts us to tell us what they want and then packages wing their way across the sea.

We love to hear from all our Monkey and Sofia friends, to catch up with news, find out how things have gone this last year.
The very best thing though, is to know we are all still thinking of each other.

So, here's this year's selection of specially made goodies which we hope you'll like.
As ever the prices are kept as low as possible so that everyone can be part of Monkey and Sofia.

If you would like to know more about any of the things or make an order, talk to us.
Email and ask anything and we'll let you know all the details.

The world can be a difficult and lonely place to live, especially if you are trying to live a life which has meaning, so it's great to hear from fellow travellers, those who are making choices about their lives.

Christmas is a time for joining together and although we are miles away, we will definately be spending time thinking of all our friends.

Visit our site on flicker, by clicking above and see all the lovely things.
Then send us a message!

Tell us how you're doing, we love to hear from you!
Then, we can then easily send you the price list and all the info on ordering things.

We're looking forward to hearing from you.
With love,
Maureen and Phil


Ash said...

I've just had a lovely visual treat, looking at these glorious new goodies for Christmas, and beyond. Need to e-mail you now for prices etc.

xxxx L

pebbledash said...

Lovely goodies, and everything is so colourful, too.
Diana xx

Anonymous said...

please tell me how I can buy your knitting book. tashidelek@earthlink.net