Monday, July 06, 2009

home at long last

...after nine years of searching...
finally we have found our permanent home

2.5 hectares to make into a forest garden,
amd where visitors are always welcome

(especially if you want to help).

At present the facilities are minimal (basically none),
but camping is possible for hardened types,
and b&b's are available in town (a 2km forest track walk away).

So if you are a tree-monkey with own chain-saw,
or have experience of tree planting in arid areas,
please get in touch.

We´d also like any unwanted seeds and cuttings

(e-mail to request a copy of our specific plant wish-list).

More soon. x


MrsL said...

It looks beautiful; hope you settle in and are both very happy there. Look forward to reading updates!



Penny L said...

How lovely.I just clicked on your blog on the offchance and what wonderful news. It looks fantastic and I am so happy for you both. I read your books at xmas so I'm thrilled with your news.
Love Penny L

Ash said...

Hello both! The photographs are a treat and I am so very pleased for you that you are home at last. A letter will follow very soon, I promise!

pebbledash said...

Oh how wonderful for you last! Wishing you peace, joy and happiness in your new home. May you nurture yourselves, your land and your community.
Diana xx