Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Santa's elves are busy knitting!

Yes, even though we only have candle light at the moment my needles are working away!
I don't know why but somehow candle light seems to suit knitting, I suppose because its all so relaxing and theraputic and the wool so nice. Well, that's until I have to count rows or stitches when I'm knitting a ´Monkey´because the wool is so dark. But its still fun and definately a 'simpler life' craft.
When we knew we were moving to our place and that there would be a period of time without power I started to prepare and think of things which I could make which were totally low tech. Papier mache, hand sewing and knitting. This year's catalogue is an interesting reflection of where we find ourselves.
Do contact us when you've made your choices, the sooner the better so I can get knitting!
XXX Maureen

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