Saturday, September 23, 2006

the Monkey and Sofia knitting book

This is what it looks like!

It finally exists, the Monkey and Sofia Knitting Book is now back from the printers and it looks fab. All the work on checking and re-checking all those knitting patterns finally paid off and they are all there in the pages of this little book.
The idea for this was that having spent 18 months inventing knitting patterns for knitted toys, well, not just any knitted toys, THE sweetest knitted toys in the world, the time had come to stop knitting them and let everyone else have a go.
So, the book has all the instructions for knitting Monkey, Sofia, The Mice ,The Rabbits, plus a cosy cute pair of socks and how to make the cat in your life it's very own knitted fish! Who can live without it?

email us to get a copy:

All these photos are of the patterns in the book. Most are easy, and great for new knitters, with plenty of opportunities for interpretation by more experienced knitters.

Best of all these patterns are fabulous for fundraising projects.

Supporters of Cat Protection are already knitting!

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