Friday, November 24, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Now, here’s a thing. Here we are, in Portugal trying to find a place where we can live and make a simple life for ourselves. It’s been a long job, we’ve been looking for 4 years here and meanwhile we are living in a little old rented house with just some of the basics.
Understandably we have begun to fantasize about having a nice warm cosy home, with hot water and stuff, especially since the winter is here now.

So when a friend showed me the photos of a cute little house, made by her daughter years ago, when she was small, I immediately wanted to move in!

It’s a house boat and those mice seem to have everything! I am jealous!

It did make me think though, that all the making we are doing as our Monkey and Sofia ‘empire’ develops is really a smoke screen, to help take our minds off our lack of ‘home’ I’m going to make a mouse-boat next!

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