Tuesday, January 02, 2007


we are gradually recovering from an extremely busy time over Christmas. It was wonderful and truly exciting to have made so many new contacts both through the catalogue and the knitting book, it feels as if our tiny world is expanding in a really positive way.

As well as our friends in the UK we have been making new contacts in Portugal too. We were invited to participate in two Christmas Craft events in Odemira, our local town. And lovely to see the knitted toys on show alongside jewellery, pottery and weaving. People liked what we'd made, which was nice, and many asked if we could make special orders for them and as presents for friends which was a great challenge. Plus we got to make things we would otherwise not considered.
Now there are so many MONKEY & SOFIA toys out in the world it is lovely to start getting e-mails and letters, as well as photos, from their new owners. Here's a lovely photo of Ginger, clasped in the paws of a cat called Fernando, and allegedly the best of friends.
January is going to be our month to re-stock (hopefully). Making more Monkeys and Sofias, Gingers, and Mice. Plus some more bags.

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